Having an odd issue lately

So I’ve been experiencing something odd in the way I view certain things, mainly music and other people lately, and I don’t like it and I am reaching out to see if anyone else may have some advice on this.

In my head recently I’ve become slightly bothered by cursing/swearing in songs and also when people speak. Let me state that I am a Christian and am a believer, and yes I do toss swear words around sometimes myself, so please don’t think I’m being hypocritical. I don’t want to be judgemental of anyone or anything for something so silly, but this just feels so odd because this little thing never used to bother me.

I know this seems so strange, but I don’t like thinking like this. I like being an open and honest person, and not leaving things to my judgement. I don’t know if it is conviction I am feeling or what, but I don’t like thinking like this. Does anyone have some advice on this?


Yes, I have experienced this especially if I want to do something or listening to something that is not of God or what God would want. May I ask, have you come closer to God lately? These odd feelings you are having might be the holy spirit. If so these are all good things you are experiencing, because it sounds like you are becoming sensitive to the holy spirit! However, we as Christians have to remember that we are not the ones to judge but God of course. I’m glad you already know you do not want to become judgmental so your thinking is correct in this sense! And nope its not silly lol conviction about such things is a way God helps us know what is right and wrong. I would pray to God about the judgmental part that you seem to be coming up on you. God, of course, can help you through that feeling and take it away from you, because God wants us to do things out of love.

Regardless, God loves you dearly :slight_smile: God bless I hope this helps. Over time you will understand this better, and trust me the closer you grow with God the more he blesses you outside in the physical realm or spiritually.