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Having an off day

Disclaimer: The “category” of this post was hard to identify and I don’t feel hopeless, but that was the only option available…

I’m having a rough time today, an off day type feeling. I can’t figure out whats wrong other than multiple little things piling up. I just feel down and bleh. Having trouble finding motivation to want to do anything. Its been a battle on and off this week. I know that I was struggling from lack of sleep for a few days and it made sense to feel off, but I went to bed early last night and slept in. I still feel exhausted, more emotionally. Feeling joy seems out of reach and I’m losing optimism to see better days. I know better days will come, I just wish I felt better now.


Hello sweet friend. I love you very much. I’m sorry you’re having a bit of an off day. You know, I tend to get overwhelmed and start feeling really down, myself when things start piling up. It makes sense.

Something I have been really protective of lately is my sleep. When it gets off track I start falling into a funk, getting anxious, depressed and really disoriented. I have also found that sleeping too much also makes me feel this way, instead of rested. I try to aim for 6-8 hours and no more. As it tends to have reverse effects for me after that.

Hey, I love you. Very much. And I am always open to talking to you if you’re having a bad day. In fact, I think I owe you a message! You messaged me earlier when I was busy doing something and I hadn’t gotten back to that. I’m going to message you privately and check on you okay? I love you sweetheart


Thank you, friend! I appreciate you.



Hello, beautiful sunshine. :sunny:

Ugh… I feel for you. This kind of day when you feel overwhelmed and down… As it’s the end of the week, and as it sounds that this one has been exhausting to you, I guess it makes sense to feel like this, especially when things are piling up - even little ones. I wish I could just send you a huge amount of energy right now.

Also… it’s super positive to post here and take the time to reflect on this.

Maybe it’s an opportunity to think about the incoming week-end. If you can, maybe try to rest, as much as possible, and to take care of yourself. Take a break from things that might be stressful to you. A new week will arrive soon enough and the things that has to be done can wait for it. Preserving your energy is important. It’s needed to keep going on. :heart:

Sending love to you. :heart:


Thank you, friend. You are such a beautiful person!