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Having back problems today

I think hurt my back while skateboarding, all day just aches I lower part and been really stress me out. For a couple of years I been dealing with back problems and now I don’t what I did. I’m really stress don’t want to out work and not be able to skateboard. I love skateboarding so much and don’t want to let it go( just please don’t leave comment to stop skateboarding, that a trigger for me).

It really love cuase don’t have girl or a lot friends, it give so much meaning in life and I foolish not letting it go, but really don’t want to. Feeling like fucking shit right now and having a anxiety attack. Having suicidal thoughts , I want to punch myself in the fucking skull and just freak the fuck out. I just hate myself now and it over kinda nothing.


I am so sorry that you have to deal with back problems. I would never suggest to “just stop skateboarding” bc ik how much something u love can mean a lot as I had to stop dancing due to a tailbone injury. I hope you can find a way to continue doing what you love without pain involved. I do not think you are foolish for not wanting to give it up I understand.
Also I am sorry that you feel that you dont have a lot of friends or ppl ot talk to but remember that, even though its not the same as a face to face sit down, you can always come here to talk and ppl will listen.
It sucks so much to feel like that and I hope you dont feel like that for long.
Praying for you friend <3.


Hey, First of all I really hope you are doing better! Sounds like you had a really rough night:/ I know martial arts has taken a toll on my body for sure so I relate to getting hurt because of a hobby but loving it tons. Maybe try to determine what is causing you to get injured while skating and find a way to eliminate that issue if possible? Or talk to a doctor to see what you can do for the injury. Icy hot, baths, pain patches should help. Hang in there dude. Your feelings are completely valid. Anxiety is horribly overwhelming. Hold fast :slight_smile:


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