Having been polypharmacized i really relate to thi

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having been polypharmacized i really relate to this and it made me more depressed and angry and “sick” to be treated this way

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HI @HeartSupport_Fans ,

I understand your frustration with medication. Sometimes I feel like doctor should try to give different options instead of drug. Drugs can have some negative side effects. I had a few psychiatrist that pushed me to take drugs but not listening to my mental health issues. That’s super scary. It’s okay to say no taking medication to your doctor. You have the right and even if the doctor is upset. That’s is their problem but not yours. My current psychiatrist does a wonderful job to not push out my boundaries with medication. She also recommend other methods to fight my mental health issues.

The main issue with healthcare are doctors not being empathetic and treat their patients like robots. I met a few doctors in my life that shouldn’t be in healthcare. You can tell when a doctor hates their job just by talking with them. This year I have met the most sweetest doctors for dermatology, allergist, and primary care. They always look happy and warned about taking drugs. No patient should be treated with disrespect. We come to see a doctor to get help.

Yes, it is infiuriating when patients are overwhelmingly taken into the direction of medications/treatments over and over, focusing on treating the physical symptoms rather than approaching the person holistically. It’s hard when it feels like the professional in front of you only seems to care about medicating you without really listening to you. I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing this, friend. When I reached out to a psychiatrist because I did want to start being on medication for my depression, I was shocked as to how quick I was prescribed a type of antidepressant that induced heavy withdrawal symptoms without being aware of it. Just the pure lack of actual communication - not letting me know how it would affect me at the begininng, how much it gets worse before it gets better. I was also prescribed benzos for my anxiety, but I didn’t need it. It left me feeling like I had what I wanted, but the doctor in front of me didn’t consider me in my individuality. Just another person to prescribe meds to.

It’s a good sign to feel angry about it - it shows that you care, that you see the injustice and you are willing to advocate for your needs, even if it’s hard. There’s a lot that western medicine has to learn, especially when it comes to consider patients through the scope of their story and entire being. Not as just a combination of symptoms.

@@HeartSupport or they deny your physical symptoms an say its all in your head i had the same doctor try to tell me both … she was like your mind is making you sick but also this is other thing is this an not mental health related and i m like listing more or less the same symptoms and i just looked at her like well which is it… it cant be both… or neither she looked at me stunned realizing she was invalidating me so she could prescribe me more medications and i was just like you know what i m gonna get a second opinion and i walked out of her office she was wrong and i got the right diagnosis and medical treatment where i wasnt over medicated which being over medicated was causing 90 percent of the issues