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Having issues with a friend

Been friend with this guy for many years, since high school and been really close. He really value my friendship, and prays for me a lot.

However, to honest thier part me that tired of him. Last year he went down south to be with his aunt. So we haven’t seen until June. Had been meet up with during the summer, he never got back to me. Then two weeks ago, we met for wings and beer. He was trying wiggy his way to stay at my beach house.

To be honest, I don’t like having him on my vacation. To be fair, we do have good time and my family get along with him. On other hand, he just annoyed to be around all the time. He said fucks shit to me at times (like me checking out underage girls. That really pissed me off.) Kept asking if I take my medication and made my episode. Telling me I spent to much, also kinda like users as I drive him around and did not want buy his own food while we are up there.

Last years when he was up in my beach, I just fucking snap and freak the fuck out. Then confess to something that did and I was too proud of. According to him, I’m always talking shot behind his back and he does trust me. Side note, he also very clingy and get jealous like a girlfriend.

I wish told him my secret, cuase if I leave as friend. He could spread that round and it where to point I could lose my job that could give stability.

One therpist said, he was toxic person and should block him for a week. I don’t what do to be honest, I feel like really shitty fucking person. I don’t what to do.


This sounds like a lot my man. Sounds like your friendship is strong, yet you don’t know if it’s time to just let go of that friendship. Not just that you were vulnerable and nothing good came out of it.

Seriously, if the person is toxic and even your therapist thinks you should move on, I would move on myself. Friendships are definitely something important sounds like to you. I commend that. Friendship can be a valuable thing. When the trust is broken it’s hard to mend. It no longer feels good.

Have you tried sitting with this person? Talking it all out? Not being confrontational but just sharing your personal thoughts on the matter. Be honest and say how you feel and think. Sounds like this has been bothering you a long time and it’s time, to be honest with this friend.

I hope you can figure this all out and get it all fixed, maybe do take that the week break your therapist recommend from him and just focus on you. Nothing wrong with that.

Hold Fast!

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