He can't be in a relationship with me cause I'm trans

I had a date with this guy and it went great. Afterwards I asked him if he wanted to see me again and he said hes gonna need a day or two to think about it.
Well, he just messaged me tell me he can’t be in a relationship with me cause I am trans. He is scared of what people will think. It’s a shame really. I hate myself so much for being trans.



As I said, he’s not ready, and you need someone to accept you.
You’re perfect just as you are, and I’m So sorry you can’t see the beauty of being you.
A big hug to you. :heart:


Fuck him, don’t hate yourself. Idk what gender you are but you’re a beautiful fucking person <3 Don’t feel ashamed bc of dickheads like that. Sometimes people can’t understand, and sometimes they just don’t want to, and they only care about themselves.


Jeez I already hate him. Fuck that guy.

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I’m so sorry, @kira. At least he told you why, but you definitely deserve someone who will accept you as you are, without any condition. You don’t have to wear any label or respond to any criteria in order to be in a loving and respectful relationship. You are you, and you’re enough as you are.

There’s nothing wrong with being trans. There’s nothing wrong with being you. This person was just not the right one. It’s not your fault.

I hope you take care of yourself, friend. As much as possible. :hrtlegolove:

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