He’s toxic but not really

My boyfriend and I decided to take a break. He was getting really stressed out over school going online and he started to take all his anger out on me. I started getting completely terrified of him and he was triggering events from my past. Stuff I didn’t want being triggered. We’ve only been going out for about three months but he became really toxic when this whole quarantine stuff happened. It’s like I didn’t matter. I wasn’t human to him anymore. It was just argument after argument. He even got so bad that I wanted to take my own life. I was scared he was going to kill me. I talked to him about it the next day and he just said it was stress and that I was a victim of him breaking down, so naturally I became sympathetic. As this became the excuse for all of his toxicity, I became less and less sympathetic and more and more terrified. He know about my past, not all of it, but he knows enough. He should have known better, but a lass, I’m stuck here scared as heck for my own safety. I told my best friend and he is the mediator between us in case of an emergency. I really am scared, but I’ll never lay anyone show it and today I think I broke. I’m so sorry I wasn’t strong enough to handle this on my own.


Hey friend, it sounds like a break is the healthy thing to do. Things are sounding a little intense and toxic. So for the safety of you and everyone, this may be a really good thing. Never be afraid to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Especially if someone is making you feel fear.

It’s okay to be sympathetic towards someone but also practice boundaries. <3

Never be afraid to reach out for help! <3