He wants me to help her. How?

So, since I moved out I’ve been able to attend my face to face NA meetings regularly… In the last 2 meetings there has been a young female attend… She was super upset on Sunday, and I was worried about her, so we started talking - and exchanged phone numbers. I know I can help her, I know that God made our paths cross for that reason, but I really don’t know how to best help her. Although her beliefs are similar to mine, but at the same time so much more complex… However, the way she’s feeling is exactly how I was and still feel on some days, so I can help her there… I’m not so sure what to do.

She is angry at God because of her suffering and the fact the churches she has attended have made her believe that she’s crazy and won’t accept her, that she’s a healer, but she can’t heal anyone right now. Although I’ve told her that she is in fact still that healer she believes she is, it’s just that right now, it’s herself that needs healing. I feel I can help her more, God wouldn’t have crossed our paths if he wanted me to just let her suffer alone… I could really use some advice on how to address this because I’m not giving up on her.

These are the messages she sent me if it helps.



First, I’m Proud Of You For Your Commitment To NA. :slightly_smiling_face:
One Day At A Time.
Step By Step.
Left Foot, Right Foot, Forward. :smiley:

As For Your Friend…
She’s Got A Good Point.
Unfortunately At Lot Of Churches And People In Them Try To Warp Individuals Events And Perspectives Just To Suit The Churches Morals And Principles Even If They Are Wrong.
I Think It’s :poop: As Well.
In My Opinion, Dogma Divides.
In The Fervor Of Trying To Be The
“Best Christians Ever” They Take Some Parts Of The Bible Too Literally And Fail To Emphasize
The Main Point Of What Jesus Said And Taught…

"Love God With All Of Your Heart, Body And Mind.

And The Second One Is Likened Unto It

(Which Means It Is Just As Important As The First)

Love Your Neighbor
(Anyone Besides You)
As Your Self.

Love And Treat Them As You Would Like To Be Loved And Treated.

With Respect And Total Love. :love_you_gesture:
Accepting Them Just As They Are.
Even If They Don’t Walk The Same Path As You.

He Said Himself.
“All The Law And The Prophets Hang On Those Two”

So, Basically In A Nutshell, He Said.

Everything Else Is Important, But Not As Important As Those 2 Commandments.

If People Want To Quote Jesus, Quote That I Say.
Embody That Above All.
He Lived It.
He Said To Live It.
If You Believe Anything He Said, Believe That.
But That’s Just My Opinion.
Others Are Free To Believe And Think And Interpret Those Words As They Wish.
And Bless Them For It.

Now, Back To An Idea That I Had While Reading Your Post. ( And Your Friend’s Message )

You Met Each Other ForA Reason.
Would You Like To Try To Start Something With Her? You Can Call It A Church, If You Want To.
You Just Call It Whatever You Want To.
But, It Was Just An Idea That I Had While Reading.

Much Love And Hugz To You And Your Friend!
You Are Loved.

I myself a professing and practicing Christian have been heavily under attack from churches. Its important to remember that people are screwed up and that it is not a reflection of who the trinity is (Father, Son and Spirit) OR simply GOD. Churches are ran by humans who are faulty or even corrupt. Following the will and path of The Lord is NOT DEPENDANT on a churches approval. If you live according to the new covenant to walk in love, forgiveness and repentance then a churches opinion doesn’t matter. Jesus was killed by the early religious people. Most of the restoration and revivalist through the ages were also persecuted by the “church”.
NOW its also to remember that the church is not a building or an organization… It is simply the mass of believers who love each other and live life together in support of one another. It doesn’t actually need to be organized and the only hierarchy is the Lord himself or People of integrity who demonstrate the character of Christ that you CHOOSE to trust.

Now what I see from my perspective is that the two of you may be brought together to be a team. to help each other in your struggles and create that healthy community. Someone you might be able to trust and open to. I do not think it is for either of you to fix the other, but to help cover each others strengths and weakness and to remove that feeling of isolation. Remember that you guys will let each other down from time to time, but to have grace with each other. Become friends and through that I think you will see the fruit of growth in each other. It reminds me of when I was doing martial arts full time. I had a friend and we were both broken but we supported each other, forgave each and trained together and we both grew immensely and made some astonishing achievements both in the ring and in life. Above all Pray that God would reveal his will to you through the relationship.

I don’t really know how to respond to all of this right now, but I am very proud of you for going to your meetings, for reaching to someone, for being a friend and trying to help someone else who is hurting. You are such a loving and caring friend, Kayla. I think it’s wonderful that this person has crossed paths with you. And I think you’re doing a good job thus far. Patience and understanding goes a long way. Maybe she just needs someone who cares.

I love you girl. Keep doing what you are doing. Maybe in the end you guys can help each other out.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer right now. I always struggle when it comes to the topics of religion and God. I never know how to best answer. But I love you and I’m proud of all the things you’ve been doing lately

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