Heading towards a dead end!

There’s so much going inside me that now I don’t even know what do and how to deal with things anymore. There is emptiness inside and this depersonalization has been sucking life out me from quite some time now. As long as long it’s daylight I don’t feel that much bad but as soon as evening appears things take ugly turn, I start to feel restlessness, heart starts to race faster and it pains during night time. I’m completely exhausted now, I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m tired to consoling myself, I’m tired of lying myself, I’m tired of living like a zombie. If this is going to be like this ------- I just don’t want to continue anymore


Hey junaid, I am sorry this is so hard for you friend, it can be so scary at night cant it, sometimes it feels like you are the only person on the planet at night but you are not alone my friend.
Do you listen to anything to try to relax you at night? Not being able to sleep properly and being so tired makes life so very difficult and with the DPD I cant even imagine. When did you last see you Doctor? I want you to know we are here Junaid, always for you. I know its hard because there is nothing phsically that we can do but please think of us being there with you at those moments of hardship. You are loved Junaid. :heart: :heart:


It has been over 1 month last time i visited doctor. I know you people are here… But it is so hard now


Could you get some lightbulbs that simulate daylight and see if that helps to ease the symptoms a tiny bit?

I’m so sorry that these symptoms have been bugging you for a while now. Would a change of scenery help you? A short vacation or staycation somewhere? Would a different space and different people, food, etc help you at all?

Also, in browsing, I found these absolutely amazingly comforting words written by a pretty cool dude, you may know him!

I hope these words you wrote can help you today. I hope you can read them and have them reach your mind, because that’s where they came from, and where they still live.

We are glad to have you here with us.


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