Hear me out, listen to what I have to say

Life… well, it sucks, it’s what it is for us. We all have our different problems, but why? My life sucks, I manage, and I’m thriving right now. Life is shit but I’m good. So, why aren’t you? I’m a blind, broke, too trusting high school student. I’ve gotten myself into situations I can’t get out of, but even then, I still persevered. Whats stopping you from doing that? You found it, great. List the reasons why you can’t, and why you can, being too lazy or not having time isn’t an option, or excuse, if one of your setbacks is with withdrawals, get a friend to be there with you. I’ve struggled too, hell, I’m nearly 2 years fucking clean from self harm. If anyone here, truly knew how broken I was, how broken I am, the way I am right now, would surprise them. I’m fine with life, you need to figure out whats causing your pain, and your troubles, and you need to find a way to help yourself at some point.

If you stayed and listened, thank you.


Hey there, @Shpdqw :people_hugging:

Your beautiful words echo a raw honesty that nobody wants to confront. Life, comes with a whole range of different challenges, and it can indeed feel like an unrelenting storm, one that is engulfing humanity in its fury. Within this unpredictable storm, every single one of us has our own struggles, our own crosses to bear. The easy thing to do would be to succumb to the weight of it all. So why don’t we? This post, amidst world chaos as it stands at the minute offers resilience, and reminds us that within, each of us has an unbeatable spirit waiting to be unleashed.

I’m deeply admired by you, because I am also severely visually impaired, and all I want to do is bring positivity to the world. Every single challenge, adversity, obstacle you face has never been undefeated. You tackle things head on and are unwilling to let the tough times be the definition of you. Whilst darkness threatens your existence, and wants to overcome you, you show defiance and stand your ground. You do not let the bad times win, that shows your strength in all.

Your journey is a powerful reminder that while life may indeed be filled with challenges, it is also brimming with opportunities for growth and transformation. You’ve faced your demons head-on, battled your innermost struggles, and emerged victorious on the other side. Your journey to sobriety, to reclaiming control over your own life, is nothing short of heroic. It serves as a beacon of hope for those who may find themselves lost in the throes of addiction. I think what strikes me about this is the empathy and passion you show consistently. Even despite your own hardships, you extend an olive branch out to those who need it, which is commendable. You are an amazing human being!

The path to healing isn’t easy, and there will be obstacles in the way. Mental health is complex, nuanced and a spectrum - meaning it’s different for everybody. Meaning that whilst tempting to want to find a solution, sometimes there is no answer. Sometimes the struggles are universal rather than lifestyle base. Perhaps we could be taught something by the universe, or maybe we won’t be. Tackling mental health issues requires patience, self reflection as well as kindness to ourselves and others. Your reminder that withdrawal, laziness, and lack of time are not valid excuses is a sobering yet necessary truth. However, we both know how easy it is to relax within the comforts of your own limitations.

Thank you for sharing your story, for your courage in speaking your truth, and for reminding us all that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope :heart:


Hi, Shpdqw.
Much deserved and earned “Congratulations” to you for the accomplishments you have achieved! And you’re welcome :wink: for listening (I did read to the end). I continue to try and fail and try and fail in today’s endeavors, but like you, I persevere because I know eventually my efforts will not be in vain, if I don’t give up. Thank you for the encouragement to press on. You are awesome. No one gets through this life without being scathed.The way I see it… people who go through more intense struggles have something incredible inside to share with the world. Maybe it’s like a seed… unless a seed falls to the ground and is broken by the earth, it can not grow into its potential. Yes, that is how I see you. Again, you are an awesome individual. Thank you so much for sharing. :heart:

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