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Heart Ache, Heart Break & Betrayal

I hate my life and the people around me. I blame myself for existing. It’s so much going on in my life and I have no one… absolutely no one to depend on, trust, or lean on.

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What wrong? Do you need to talk?

My bestfriend betrayed me. My family is using me. School is hectic as fuck. I can’t find love. And I always find myself being used by someone I care about

You may find it hard to find love and to love yourself, but we will love you even while in the midst of your struggles.

Thanks for posting friend. Through school I never had friends as such, and I have a toxic, abusive family, so I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know that we may not be there in person, but this community can provide you with relationships that aren’t going to be harmful to you. Through HS, i’ve been able to take some HUGE steps away from those people and have friends for life… So, hold fast and keep talking with us. We want to be here for you.

Hold Fast

I’m sorry Friend, I understand these feelings. I’ve learned that being honest with those who you feel is hurting you and if they don’t respect that then you may need to consider separating from that. Take the time to find control in your goals and dreams. Learn to love yourself and what you offer. Learn to say no and strong through any guilt they may put you in. I know you’re strong. Host fast.

Hey friend, let me know if you’d like the art that I made for you. Email me: [email protected]
Hold Fast.


Thank You so much. I can’t explain how this has made me feel. I appreciate all of your support and care. I’m trying to be more happier and more focused

I still need alot of advice and alot of support

If you guys want any detail on what occured with my bestfriend and family, let me know

I really love the art AND the message you had for me. It meant so much