Heart Broken and Sad

I have to tell the man that I love that I can’t move in with him this month. I am so lost. A little backstory to this realization:

Over the last weekend in August, my mom’s birthday, my boyfriend sent my mom a mean spirited message on Facebook against my wishes. I asked him not to but he did it anyways. That was a big red flag for me.

I have been struggling with this decision since then but my daughter, who I believe is “gifted”, has told me and other family members that she doesn’t feel that he is right for me a total of 3 times. I can’t leave her behind. I did that once and it broke me in half…

Please help me with advice. Kind words… Positive vibes… Anything would help.

Hey friend,
I personally am not sure how to help but I can at least try?

Your daughter is more important than anything and I totally get that once you’re in love it’s hard to see anything else. I’m not saying you should break up but maybe moving in together isn’t the best option? I could be completely wrong here, but children are more important than anything.

I really hope everything sorts itself out and that everything goes well,
Hold fast friend,
Love Luna :heart:

I am grateful you even responded. I left my daughter once for a man, and it didn’t work out. I’m not leaving her again, I just don’t know how to break it to him that I can’t move in with him. I can’t leave my daughter again