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Heartache, being in a very dark place


I am really at the dark place at the moment and really have no clue how to stop all this pain and how to have a positive self image again. Because of circumstances I am forced to live with the girl I broke up with no long ago. And it is torturing me literary, because I still love her (I realised it just recently) and she has a new girlfriend. And it hurts me to hear every time how this new girlfriend is better than me, much more beautiful and sexy she is and to see her doing all the things with her she refused to do with me or did not have a time. This makes me feel unimportant, meaningless and ugly and just like she would have lied entire relationship (She knew her current girlfriend before getting together with me). I have new relationship, but I still love her, witch is very, very bad, I know… I am crying like 24/7, can not sleep normally and just can not get my things together.
This is the worst break up I have ever had.

I have talked to her about that but she just says that it is all my fault and that this new girlfriend is a total opposite to me and is so much better than me.

How to stop this suffering and how to stop loving her? And how to feel worthy and beautiful again?


Hey, this sounds super rough, I’m so sorry.
Is there anyone you can live with for a while until you can find your own place? I know it seems really freaking hard, but I do feel like you need to speak to your ex and tell her how much it’s hurting you that she’s comparing the 2 of you constantly to your face… Talk to your new girlfriend too. Explain that you’re struggling with living with your ex, and see if there’s anything she can do to help you out.

There’s no way to just “stop loving” someone… You have to accept that she’s your ex for a reason. Whatever that reason is whas enough to cause you guys to split and that’s how it’s meant to be… I’m not sure what the reasons behind you being forced to live with her are, but could you find a house share even? I know living with a stranger is scary, but surely it’s better than living with an abusive ex?
As for how to feel better, just, talk to your girlfriend about you feeling like that… Let her tell you you’re beautiful, whether you believe it or not, the more you accept it, the more you’ll start to believe it…

Hold Fast