Heartbroken/pissed off

So today I met up with my ex who I’m trying to win back and make it work again, but I found out she was doing something all along. I found out that she was having sex with another guy while we were trying to fix our stuff. I found out that she was sleeping with both of us , and how he loves him. I confronted her about but she told me is something that the physch told her to write down whenever she felt upset or hurt. Should I beilive that?! That she was just writing it down to forget what I did? She told me she never did. But as I was reading she went into detail of where they would go and how she would cancel plans with me in order to see the other guy. I honestly feel stupid for asking if I should beilive her or not because it’s obvious that she did do something, but I come here to look for the advice of this community. Please help. I’m pissed off, but I’m also hurt. A lot of stuff that I want to do to myself are going through my head. Help. Please.

My friend, I had a breakup to start the year and it took me months to even start to get over her. While I know you miss her and still have feelings, you have to ask yourself if you would have the same relationship after all of this. It will take a lot of time to move forward, but when you reach that moment I hope you can look back on this and be relieved. Please resist anything that would harm yourself or others, vent it all out to us. Patience is hard but you will be proud of yourself if you have it.



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Hey eric! I could never tell you to believe or not believe someone you love. People can change and do change but only if they want to. I am also going through a breakup and it wasnt an easy choice or process. I think its really important to remember your self worth and evaluate your relationship with her from there. You are definitely worth more to not be cheated on and lied to if thats the case. Nobody is. Its always good to open up and im proud of you for reaching out to us. Good luck and let us know if you need anything.


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