Heartsupport bring me is my favorite band has been

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@heartsupport Bring me is my favorite band. Has been for a long time. I took my 12 year old daughter to see them this summer. :heart: and im so greatful i found your channel today because ive been struggling a LOT this year. And these past few weeks have been especially difficult. Your reaction made me sob with happy tears. And your explaination. Thank you.


Hello! Thank you for telling us how you’re feeling :heart:

We’re here for you if you want to open up and we’re glad you commented.

Whatever is happening we’re sure that you’ll make it through it.

I used to be a major bring me fan too! And I’m happy you and your daughter got to see them. Remember that music, like community can be a source of support and understanding.

Wishing you strength and for brighter days ahead.



Hello Fellow Member

Thanks for reaching out to us and telling us about how you saw Bring Me My Horizon and how you like them!

I am sorry that you had a struggling moment this year and I hope you had at least a push after that. I know someone who was a big fan about the band. :white_heart:

I hope you and your daughter has enjoyed their time there. I am very happy that heart support has made you feel happy. The year is almost over and I hope 2024 is a good year for everyone.


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Thank you for reaching out and sharing with us; it’s wonderful to hear that this video has resonated with you and I’m so glad to have you here.

I feel for you in regard to these last few weeks – and the preceding year – being challenging. It’s so difficult when we have these prolonged periods of struggle, and it sounds like things have been tough lately which is never fun.

If you’d like to chat some more at any point, or if you want to share more about what’s going on in your world, we’re here for you and can be reached in these YouTube comments or via https://forum.heartsupport.com/.

Wishing you all the best,

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Thank you for sharing!

I love how music can bring out different emotions and soothe you, no matter the band.

BMTH has been such an unique band and always seem to find ways to pick me up, whether it be watching Doomed live from Royal Albert Hall, or Kingslayer from Japan <3

Thankful that you could have some happy tears today, really. It’s so undervalued to have sometimes just a good cry and let it all out - whether it’s about sadness or joy, it’s usually about things we’ve been holding inside for so long that it just needed a way to be expressed. Well done for allowing yourself to feel today. If you’ve been struggling for a little while now, then I hope the tears could bring even just a short relief and allow you to breathe more deeply. Sometimes it really feels like we have to go through a non-stop additoin of struggles, to the point of not having the possibility to slow down and catch our breath. Enjoy what feels good, and find as much comfort as you need in knowing that you are not alone. I see you, I hear you, and no matter what you’ve been struggling with, I’ll be rooting for you. You got this, friend. :heart:

Hey Friend, Isn’t is just wonderful how music can take us to places within ourselves that nothing else really does?
I am sorry you have struggled this year but glad you found the channel. I would love for you to share on our support wall if you think it might help.
I am grateful for your happy tears and wish for more for you. Much love Lisa. x