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I’m in counseling and working through my trauma but my family does not understand or acknowledge my depression and anxiety. I have tried to tell them about it but they just shrug it off or water it down.

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Im sorry you’re experiencing this with your family. I know that not all parents will be understanding about the struggles their own children are going through. Keep going with the counseling! Hold fast!

Hi friend.
I’m sorry to hear that, I really am.
Unfortunately I know what you’re going through and as sad as it is, we can’t make people understand or make them want to understand.

Please know that you’re not alone and this is a safe place to share and find support and encouragement.

You are loved.
Your feelings are valid.
You are not alone.
You are worth fighting for.
You are worth trying to understand.
You are worth it.
You are amazing.
You have what it takes to make it out alive and well.
You are a warrior.
You are heard.
I am proud of you.

We are here for you.

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The hardest part of working through your traumas is the part you’re in right now. I can tell you that you’re traumas are valid. People like to pretend that the problems they may have caused aren’t there. I’d encourage you to continue to be honest with your family. If they try to minimize them tell them so. Honesty can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Love, a fellow human being.

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Thank you for responding , it means a lot. I will try to remember to love myself as I’m going through this. I guess I just feel alone because we’re told that the most important people in our lives are our parents, and when we’re let down , we’re let down hard. Thank you.


Thank you I needed that today