HeartSupport Fan #19

I have very few good friends. Both my ex and present husband have done things that have broken me. No one reaches out to me.

I relate to this more than you know. though i haven’t been married ever, my parents and so many friends have done the same thing. after being told the lies that we’re not good enough and not close to worthy at all, we begin to believe them. not having people to listen to you is so discouraging, trust me. i understand that. i am so sorry people have made you feel unworthy of love. though you don’t have too many close friends, i want you to know that the ones you do have love you. God loves you, too. which is pretty cool. i’m so sorry you feel this way, love. i want you to know that you’re not alone in this. and there are so many people supporting you. you deserve to feel loved and love able.