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I feel like I’ll never amount to who I really want to be or her true happiness and loving myself.

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Hey! You ARE who you want to be. You have a great, outstanding, unique purpose, and I know you’re going to discover what it is and make it happen. You can do this - I believe in you.

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Hey friend,

Learning to love ourselves is a process in itself, and I guess it’s normal to be crippled by many doubts sometimes. It’s a unique journey, not the easiest one, but definitely something that is worth to work on.

I want to send you a reminder today: you are enough as you are. And you are loved as you are. Not you tomorrow, in a month or a year. But you, right now, reading this reply.

I have absolutely no doubt that you are already putting a lot of efforts in being the person you want to be. Being aware of this is beautiful. But please, never forget the wonderful person that you already are. You have strengths, values, desires that no one else holds. You have a unique story. You are unique.

And you are so loved already. Withou any strings attached. :hrtlegolove: