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I lost my job 2 months ago and I hate not working, I struggle with mental health when I am stuck inside too much, my mind won’t stop racing. I also am very weak from mold poisoning and its hard feeling this way as well. I struggle to trust God with my future and what he has / wants for me. I also struggle with depression and anxiety at times and have battled a lot with mental health in the past



I just prayed for you.

Hi friend,

Thank you so much for sharing here. I am so sorry to hear about your job. It makes a lot of sense that you would be struggling to trust God with your future when it seems like everything is going wrong right now- you lost your job, you’re struggling with anxiety, and you have mold poisoning. That seems like a lot to be dealing with all at once!

Something that has always encouraged me in moments like this is remembering that Jesus rests during our storms, because He sees to the other side. It might not make sense to you what God is doing right now, but what He is probably doing is preparing you for what’s next. He’s strengthing your spirit, he is pruning you, He is teaching you to trust despite cirumcstance, He is positioning you for something better.

I’ll be praying for REST. It sounds like you need some rest.

Keep us posted on how things are going. This community cares for you.


Thanks! That means a lot to me. I am a believer and I know all that to be true. Sometimes for me it just helps to get it off my mind and it helps me process. Love heart support, been involved a lot in the past!