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Veteran that got out of active duty. Struggling to pay bills, applied for multiple jobs but hear nothing back. I feel like as soon as I start to get to the top I come crashing back down. Idk what to do where I work now I have no sense of worth. I make little money and I feel I’m just hanging on by a thread. The only person keeping me here is my son but I feel like such a let down and can’t get through these struggles.


Please, please, please - try not to beat yourself up on this. These are unprecedented times as of right now. Thank you for sharing your story and your struggles.

You showing your son strength and perseverance is all that you can do for your him right now. If it fancies you, maybe try taking some courses? Vocational? Something like that that’ll keep you busy and also give you more skills for more money and opportunity? This is just advice that I myself used when I was feeling stuck.

I’m not going to pretend what it’s like to be a veteran and then rotate back to the world only for it to be another uphill battle. It is TOUGH to get a job right now, it’s TOUGH when we don’t hear back from the first 10, 20, 30 applications. All I can say is don’t give up and to keep trying to find new avenues for work. We’re here for you, today and tomorrow. <3


From: tromboness

Job searching is the worst. It’s demotivating when things aren’t working out no matter how hard you try. I don’t know how things will finally work out for you, but I hope it will be sooner rather than later.


From: legendofdice

First, Thank you for your service! Second, you son is so lucky to have you. It is hard to come out of the military where your work output is your value. You are no longer a tool of your government, consider trying to gauge your value based on the feelings you inspire in others. I wish you the best of luck and see you as a hero. Thank you so much for sharing.


Hey Brother/Sister/Nonbinary friend,

Veteran here myself. We don’t fight alone. I definitely understand these struggles. I myself have PTSD and Anxiety as my reward for my time, and acclimating to civilian life was SUPER hard.

I know that feeling of looking around and having things not make sense compared to the structure we’re used to.

I believe in you, you can do this. Im also dang proud of you for speaking out on this, I know how difficult that is, especially for veterans. Speaking out is strength, so you are super strong.

If I can offer any hope, it’s this. That culture shock gets easier after a time. Your boy will learn so much from you, just by watching you triumph over this, which I know you can do. You can both become stronger BECAUSE of this adversity.

Right now we’re living in unprecedented times due to the pandemic. It’s not like anything else we’ve ever gone through, so the stakes are super high, but I hope you hold on, over under or through, we’ll make it together.

You have so much value, and you are capable of more than you know.

I believe in you.

Live Well, Do Good, Hold Fast.

“At the end of the day, if you can look at your son, and say I love you, and your son says “I love you” back, that is all that matters.” - Danjo from HS


From: kayla1508

I understand that situation with work… Management treat us like trash - especially during Covid. It’s been horrendous. I mean, 90% of the staff that have worked there since BEFORE Covid are all searching for new jobs, because we are constantly being pulled up to the office, or moaned at for doing something “wrong” with not even a simple “thank you” for doing extra. You will find a job where you can thrive. You’re not a let down.


From: sarahtheproud

first of all thank you for your service. please know that you are loved and valued far greater than you’ll ever see. i believe that you’re able to get through this and come out the other side much stronger than ever before. you’re not alone. thank you for sharing and God bless you <3


From: jezliee

man, I relate to that. before I had a kid, I looked for a job for 1.5 years, constantly, without so much as an interview. I honestly did not expect it to take the mental toll it took. it was so hard. I’m not a vet, so I know there’s a lot of extra stressors there I don’t know about. but, as someone who has desperately searched for a job and am once again, please just keep trying. I wish I had advice that would help it all change. but I can relate, friend. I hope that helps.


Hey, man first thank you for your service and for just opening up with your what you are going through right now.

Few of our staff people are veterans I high recommend emailing Ben at [email protected] and talking to him. also check out his Mediums posts about being a vet and having PTSD

You are not alone my friend. You and your son are in my prayers, This journey is not meant to be done alone.

Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern
Hold Fast


It’s brutal to feel like you’re coming from a line of work (the military) where you have real purpose, real stakes, real relationships, real outcomes…to a place where it just feels purposeless, where you don’t make the money you are worth, don’t enjoy it as you know you can…to have experienced something worthwhile and come back and feel so empty. Your son gives your life purpose but it feels like everything else is draining you. You are used to soldiering on, but against a different enemy…this feels like something that’s impossible to actually fight, it’s impossible to see, to grab hold of…it feels foreign. You’re wanting to overcome, but you don’t know how when it feels like life is intent on kicking you back down

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