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I’m a failure. I can’t do anything right. I don’t have the right to complain about anything.

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Hi there.

Why do you think you are a failure and can’t do anything right? And why don’t you have the right to complain about anything?

We are here for you friend, stay strong.


Hey now, this is not true. Nope. You are allowed to feel pain in the context of how you experience the world. Everyone is dealt a different hand of cards in this life, and I know that it’s incredibly difficult, but please remember that you are allowed to feel. Your feelings about what is going on in your life, are more than valid. It’s okay to let yourself feel the stress, exhaustion, etc. that the chaos of this world brings. Please know that you have every right to feel the good and the bad. And you are absolutely not a failure. We all struggle in our own ways. We all have vulnerabilities, and we all try our best. That is all we can ask of each other, and we can only ask that of ourselves as well. Besides, our best is always enough, even if it doesn’t seem like it. :purple_heart:

Sending you so much love, peace, and hope,

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Hey friend,

I’m sorry you were struggling with those thoughts. It’s really hard to feel like, no matter you do or say, it’s just never good enough. Whether it’s because some people make you feel that way or because what you do doesn’t fit with your expectations, it’s really human to feel like you’re just the one to blame. But you’re not. You’re not a failure. Your actions doesn’t define your worth. You’re just like any of us here, a unique individual who has the right to express themselves, to try, to succeed, to fail, but more importantly to learn.

I don’t believe you can’t do anything right. The very fact that you posted here and share how you feel shows that you are able to make good decisions for yourself. But I hear that maybe something or someone disappointed you and it brings you to this place of feeling like nothing works anyway - so why bother trying? There are many times when I don’t feel good enough either. When it feels like no matter what I do or say it never seems to please anyone and I can only make mistakes again and again. Believing that something was wrong with me made me erase myself so, somehow, I could “fit” in this world around me. But the dark side of it would be to stop taking care of my needs and desires, which is unfair. Same for you friend. This shadow isn’t a place where you belong to stay.

You have 100% the right to complain. You have a voice and the right to use it. You’re invited to use it here if you want. How you feel is valid and understandable. But don’t let it feed those lies about yourself. You have worth and value. You have a unique soul that is bringing unique sparks of life in this world. It is a treasure to cherish and preserve. You are a treasure to honor. :hrtlegolove:

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