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I’m so tired, I’m so behind in school. I’m usually excelled at school but now I’m so far behind and my parents just get so angry at me for it. I feel like I’m worthless and can’t do anything right.

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Such a brutal place to be…to feel like you’re sinking and you’re barely above water as it is…that the wall you have to climb just gets taller and taller every day…and that the further you go, not only the more hopeless you feel, but the more pressure you receive from the outside. Brutal, friend…I’m sorry you’re in this place where you feel stuck and like things are getting worse every day.

You’re certainly not alone…and you’re not crazy for feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, or alskjdflakwje. Thank you for choosing to speak out about this; I hope that you feel empowered knowing that the fear hasn’t silenced your ability to ask for help. You are stronger than you realize, and I believe that you are resilient no matter what mistakes you may make. You are someone who can bounce back and make good things happen from bad situations. You can do this!


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I have been in that situation before…

Your not worthless. I had the same trouble last semester. I fell behind on my work and my parents got frustrated and I got anxious and lazy. What I did to help was focused on why I wanted to finish school. Is there a dream job? I dream school? Self confidence/reassurance? I focused on my need to keep my GPA as a way to prove to myself that I could actually do something till the end. I understand being tired, but there cna be a difference between tired and unmotivated. If you feel like this, try getting up and moving. Maybe take a walk around your neighborhood, walk your dog, or even just walk up and down the stairs several times. This gets you blood moving and can help you focus and stay awake. Also, when you do work, do it in small sections, and reward yourself. This could mean do on class at a time, then get a snack. Something like that. Hope it helps!:sparkling_heart:

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