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I’m having trouble coming to terms with leaving home next year and making my own decisions. I feel like I’m over exaggerating. I want to do things feel like Im not spending time with my family…

Hey friend, why are you having trouble coming to terms with it? What scares you exactly about making your own decisions and leaving home? And why do you feel like your not spending time with your family? Remember friend you are loved and heard here.

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Its mostly the feeling like I don’t know anything. I stress about what I can’t control and the unknown, and having to make decisions on my own about import things such as housing, food, taxes, that sort of stuff scares me. I don’t want to regret something… I have a complicated relationship with my mom. We fight often but I still love her. And my stepdad, dad, and stepmom. Basically, I thought I would excited to finally be free from my household, but I will miss my siblings and pets… I feel like I’m still young and a child. It just got me that I’m technically an adult next year. I don’t think I’m responsible. On the other hand, I feel like I’m over exaggerating and that (though everyone feels this) I’m making too big of a deal of it…

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That’s totally normal though to be missing your siblings and pets, though i mean when you have grown up with them all your life it makes sense. And its totally normal to stress about all of that stuff, but there are some things you do have control over like how much you spend on things, and mistakes will happen but that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Just means that you had a fall and need to pick yourself back up, and it’s scary believe me but doesn’t mean you are making a big deal. Your feelings are totally valid friend and as a 29 year old i still don’t know what im doing. But you will learn along the way and realize that its okay to be scared.

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Yea. That’s true. Thanks a lot. I guess I’m excited and nervous, which causes me to overthink. How did you figure stuff out? Just through trail and error?

Your welcome! And that totally makes sense though! I would be as well, hell i’m just starting college for the first time and i’m nervous and excited as well. And i overthink as well to be honest , but i just try to focus on the stuff i can control and i figured stuff out by trial and error honestly. Its scary to do that, but honestly it’s the best way to figure things out.


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