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I’m honestly just having a bad day and I fought and yelled with my sister like I know it’s a hard time for everyone but I’m just lonely and sad and I’m just anxious and like I don’t know and I’m just like mad at myself because like honestly I love them and appreciate them I just miss my friends and stuff but I know like my sis trys her hardest to get me out


Hey @HeartSupport_Fans

Know that your feelings and experiences are valid and are not any less just because others are also having a hard time. This pandemic really hasn’t helped feelings of loneliness, sadness or anxiety. Tensions get high and fights with those we love and care for most can happen. Everything has changed and things are so different. We don’t get to see friends like we used to or do the fun things we used to either. It takes it’s toll for sure. I can see you love your sister and recognize her efforts so I would encourage you to give yourself some grace with this and know that today may have been a bad day but that is ok. Bad days happen and tomorrow can always be better.

Hold Fast,

Hey friend,

You’re right - it’s a rough time for everyone, and it’s really precious that you’re aware of it, but it’s okay if you’re going through a hard time too and need to say it. Your voice matters. Though when everyone feels overwhelmed, communication can become very difficult and create arguments. It doesn’t mean that you’re ungrateful for the way your sister tries to help you. It’s just hard sometimes to control our emotions and reactions. Missing your friends, feeling alone and anxious, can be a lot to deal with, and certainly something that many of us are feeling these days. You’re not at fault for going through a rough time. Though I hope your sister and you will find a way to discuss in a more calm way in times to come. It sounds that you care for each other, and that’s a strength that will help you both during those difficult times. A really precious treasure to cherish. Giving yourself and others some grace is probably more than needed when everyone feels at the edge of burning out. Be gentle with yourself, friend. One day at a time. :hrtlegolove:

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