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I feel anxious, I dont know how to cope it. I need to get sleep but is taking a while because to me to get sleepy. I will start a new job tomorrow.


Starting a new job can do that to you. The same thing always happened to me too. If you can take a walk for 10 or 15 minutes, that might help. My wife drinks a glass of warm milk, and she’s convinced that it helps. Reading and relaxation music helps me a lot.

Hopefully, you will get caught up with your sleep soon.

Hey friend.

Just sending some love and positive thoughts your way. I hope your first day at your new job went well. This kind of transition can be pretty scary as it takes time to be familiar with a new environment. But you’ll be okay. You’ll learn to build new habits and, at some point, it will feel like walking on a solid ground again.

I also hope your sleep is getting slowly better. The more you’ll get familiar at your job, the more your anxiety should decrease. Make sure to create a relaxing environment when it’s bed time, so your body can relax slowly. In case you can’t sleep at some point, never force it - wake up and do something else that isn’t too energetic.

Thinking of you today. Let us know how it goes, if that’s okay for you. You got this, friend. :hrtlegolove:

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