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I’m struggling with depression for a year now off and on. Today I had suicidal ideations. I just want to cry like a baby. I wish everyone would accept LGBT people like me. Sadly I’m afraid to come out. :disappointed:


I feel bad for you too. Keep in mind, a time will come when you can be more open with others. One thing you can do is talk to a counselor or therapist. If nothing else, they’re usually good listeners.

I wish everyone would accept you too. No one deserves acceptance more than you. There are people around who will accept you, but it may take a bit of time to find them. Please be kind to yourself. No one deserves kindness more than you do either.


Hey friend,

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to say it when you are not okay. Depression in itself is a heavy burden to carry. Feeling sad, overwhelmed and even having suicidal ideations will never be something to be ashamed of, and I hope you’ll never lose sight of this.

I wish too that people would be more accepting of everyone’s gender and sexual identity. It breaks my heart that something so personal and only about love is still rejected in too many places. It doesn’t make any sense, and it shouldn’t be the cause of judgment or hatred.

You are enough and perfect as you are. Regardless of who you love and how you define yourself. I understand the fear of coming out though. If you’d like to talk about it a little more, please know that this community is a safe place, and even a safe place to come out to. It may not be the same as the people you share your life with, but having places with real people where we can feel ourselves and like we belong is still important.

You are loved as you are. So much! Please don’t let this world take the best of you. You have too much beauty to share. You are radiant. :hrtlegolove: