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I just wish I could be normal by God’s standards


Based on the huge diversity of people in the world, I don’t think God is looking for “normal.” That each of us is unique, is in itself a miracle. Hence God’s “normal” is to not be normal.


Being “normal” is a very human concept. We build culture and figure out that there would be right and wrong ways to be and exist in our society. We label personality traits, behaviors, perceptions and such as acceptable or not because it helps us make sense of our environment and be organized as a group. Though once we get curious about different cultures, we soon realize how much our standards regarding what is “normal” or not are extremely flexible and determined by the context we live in. There is no ultimate truth when it comes to the idea of normality. Only subjective perceptions, as meaningful or meaningless they can be to us.

You are normal because you are. No human being is made to fit into a specific agenda and standard, as we are all unique and hold a unique story. This world is only interesting because of this amazing diversity. God cares about your heart and how special you are, not for you to spend your life trying to be a copy of subjective standards.

I hear what you say though and can’t help feeling the frustration you feel about your life and who you are in the present moment. It is hard when we feel this difference between who we are (or think we are) and who we aspire to be. What is this difference made of for you? What are the things you’d like to embrace in your life but feel like you can’t? I’d love to hear about it, if you are willing to share.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:



Hi Friend, God’s normal IS you. He created you in His own image, so you are perfect and normal by His standards just the way you are. I hope this gives you peace. ~Mystrose


From: mictek

Hello my friend, I am proud of you for looking here for some help. I don’t know how to answer that question for you, but I can say that you are an amazing person. God made you the way you are on purpose. I hope that you are able to feel good with yourself, it’s very important to be able to do that. You deserve love and really do matter to God and all of us! May the healing light fill you full of all the confidence you need to feel as perfect as you should! Much love to you and yours!


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, friend! Wings said it so well.
I know so many people wish they could be “normal” but there is no “normal”. To be abnormal is what is normal. And God wants us to be ourselves and love ourselves so God’s normal is to be our incredible selves just the way we are. To be completely unique.

Please continue being the incredible person you are :hrtlegolove:


From: Dr Hogarth

I think what God is and expects of people varies hugely depending on people’s interpretations; there’s not one answer and different communities will give you very different viewpoints. Ultimately, I think you have to find the interpretation that inspires the best in you.


From: Micro

Hey there again friend. I’ve already responded to you earlier, but read your other post too and would like to ask: what are God’s standards, according to you? What are the characteristics you aspire to have as a person?


Hi HeartSupport_Fans
I dont think there is such a thing as normal gods standarts. According to christianity everyone was created by design in the image of god. I am not a believer but I dont think even according to bible standards does anyone except from god has the right to call you abnormal, because only god knows his plans and standards.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you so much for your post, I am coming from a place of being an athiest so its always very interesting to think about how people feel regarding God. I think whomever we look up to in life we are concerned that we are doing enough or being enough or playing our part well enough in the eyes of that person and that they will never be disappointed but I truly feel that they would be more disappointed if we looked back on our lives and had spent more time worrying and less time living than we should have. I think normal is being content with who you are. Im sure your God will be more than happy to see you that way and not want you to worry. Much Love Lisa x


From: SuchBlue

Hi friend, hope you are doing alright.

You are not normal and the rest of the world also isn’t, there is no normal. You are the only 1 in 7.9 billion people who have your name, your face, your voice, and all that makes you you. There is no standard for what makes you ‘normal’ and that is not a bad thing at all. You should be proud of who you are and you are the only person who is YOU out there. You Matter :hrtlegolove: We love you


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