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These days I find that I try to picture myself levitating above any negative thoughts that plague my mind, as to give them no power over my state of being. I’ve struggled with addiction, depression, low self-esteem, and the fallout that stems from these varied states. I’ve also felt inadequacy, resentment, spite, and countless other poisonous sensations. I’ve almost relapsed as a result of the hardships I’ve experienced - and although I didn’t make that move, the comfort of knowing I could alleviate myself in that way was alarming enough. However, these aren’t the stories I tell myself on a day to day basis anymore. Instead I choose to lean into the high frequency energy that surrounds us daily.

Life is fleeting, but every day that we decide to live it in the way we want brings us another day closer to the goals we hope to achieve. That’s my mindset. I’m lucky to have felt the lows I’ve felt because it brought me to where I am now. This is an extremely difficult thing to try to realize while in the midst of these battles, but when the fog of negativity shrouds the road ahead of us, we must not forget that the road is still there. To that end, I do my best to trust the universe.

As long as I’m doing what makes me feel good and what makes me feel in alignment with myself, I know the universe will pull me in the direction that brings me closer to the things I truly want. This helps my mental health immensely because it allows me to let go. Practicing gratitude brings me closer to this immense sense of happiness. If you are suffering in any way, give yourself a break. Practice grace. Lean into any good feeling or thought as it takes you to the next one, and know that this too shall pass. It’s amazing that you exist. I’m grateful for all of you and everything around us.

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Again, you cease to amaze my. As a Mother who has seen her kids struggle and fight every day with today’s struggles and mental issues , I’m so happy you are putting this message out and offering a platform for people to see they’re not alone and it’s okay to be where you are and get the help to follow your dreams . Love you so much :two_hearts:

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It’s stories and unwavering honesty like yours that help so many others who are struggling in silence. What a wonderful resource, too! Grateful for your sobriety and the art you’ve given us so far. :heart:

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When people encounter setbacks, they often feel a lack of security, making it difficult to settle down, work and life will be affected. So, when we encounter setbacks, insist on facing the worst possibility, and say aloud to ourselves with genuine confidence: it doesn’t matter much anyway. Then, calmly and without panic, assess the situation and choose another course of action, so that we can get the best out of the setback. People live, pursue, and have a dream, to live happily. It is the ideal life. God gives us a chance to come to the world to walk. We should cherish, it because life is so short.


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Gratitude is the best attitude :raised_hands:

Wait i just cried over this

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Lyrics for “Slipped My Mind” hit home so unbelievably hard. Always greatful for artists talking about real things, real experiences. Thank you!

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i love you so much donovan

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