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We all have voices in our head that tell us lies. They say things like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m alone”, “Things will never get better.”

These voices have the power to stop us in our tracks if we don’t fight them. We know that the first step in quieting these voices is sharing them with others and receiving encouragement.

To encourage you to take a step toward healing today, EVERYONE who tags @heartsupport and shares the thoughts they struggle with in the comments will be entered to win these CUSTOM (ONE OF ONE) SHOES created by @joeychicagowalser and the @joeychicagocustoms team AND you’ll receive support and encouragement from the @heartsupport community.


:sparkles:Tag @heartsupport and share a negative thought you have that you want to receive encouragement for.

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Some times doing something wrong for my selfish reasons knowing that it is wrong.

My Son’s Death Haunts Me=

I take meds for anxiety. They help, but practicing gratitude helps me too. :heart:



I am always teased about my forked tongue.


Amazing!Music is therapy!

Wow this is great i would have to say the only negative thoughts ive been having is that im not good enough for my children and husband

That things will never get better

Amazing design- I love it! Such a great cause. Thx for all you do PopEvil!

Anything to support mental health is incredibly special to me. I feel like I am mental illness personified. I have always struggled with depression and anxiety . I have a long history of self harm and addiction. Today I have over 9 years clean… and there was a time where I didn’t ever think I could get clean… or even live long enough to be where I am today. I still struggle daily with body dysmorphia, manic depression, and social anxiety. Though I still struggle I can honestly say that it does get better. In my youth, everything felt permanent and inescapable. I let every mistake define me. I didn’t care about anything. Didn’t care about myself, my choices , the consequences… I tore myself apart. I was on a extremely toxic self destructive path. Today, I can’t imagine letting anyone or anything get me to that point. I have always badly struggled with my appearance and self image and still do. But there was a time that I allowed myself to be fully codependent on relationships and drugs. Aside from my mental struggles, I dealt with a lot of trauma at a young age, which made things so much harder for me. One of my biggest struggles is dealing with the regret. It’s hard to not feel like you’ve ruined your life … always wishing “why could I just be normal” … “why couldn’t I have just had a normal family “ …some days are harder than others… but I try to focus on the positives that came from the negatives in my life. One quote that always stuck with me that helped me the most was “today is yesterday’s unimaginable future”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like I couldn’t live or bear the pain of my experiences… but life goes on… and in spite of the hell that i went through… I’m still here

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what a brilliant idea…great work

Struggling with health specifically auto immune and it sucks !

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Need support in dealing with CANCER!

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Sick kicks :raised_hands:t3::heart_eyes: anxiety is one of the hardest things I deal with daily. Love your creativity.

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My voices have tried to take me since 2005 when I was diagnosed with MS. Now that I cannot walk without a walker and I need so much help, they tell me that I am a burden to my family. Music helps me keep those thoughts away.

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the negative thoughts that I have is getting frustrated and just going to bed

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