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I struggle with body image and confidence issues almost daily. You may only see the side of me that broadcasts confidence and self love and strength, but that is a product of the daily work I put in to hopefully end the struggle that lies beneath.

My body is constantly changing… and I can have a hard time processing and dealing with the changes. I struggle with my clothes constantly not fitting anymore: shorts making my hips and thighs bulge in places that make me uncomfortable, my dresses and skirts getting shorter as my measurements increase, and not always having the money to just go out and buy all new clothes that fit. I’ve stayed home from seeing my friends or family several times, crying because I don’t have anything I feel good in. I work out because it makes me feel good and feel strong but I struggle to connect with my femininity when I want to look and feel delicate and I can’t figure out how to cover my shoulder and back muscles in a cute summer dress.

One of the biggest things I struggle with is being able to talk to anyone about these insecurities…Heartsupport has ALWAYS given me a safe place to speak about the things that weigh me down. Receiving genuine and unconditional support and encouragement has been my saving grace through ALL of the ups and downs of my life over the last 5 years.

If you’re facing anxiety today, even in this very moment, depression or thoughts of wanting to end your life, confidence and body image issues, family problems — whatever it is that you’re facing — becoming aware of it, writing it down, and then receiving encouragement for it has significantly bettered my mental health, and I believe it may help you too.

In the comments below, write @heartsupportwall and then write out your thoughts. You’ll receive supportive replies from peers who are going through similar things, and we can help one another take the path towards wholeness together.

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i have always struggled with body image and unhealthy eating habits. i’m learning i need to fuel my body to have a strong healthy body.

@heartsupport I constantly have an issue with never thinking it’s never enough. Mentally I think I’m not good enough at my job. I feel like I don’t belong or I’m not smart enough to be there. I struggle in my relationship with my husband to think that I am mot good enough for him and his love. Lucky I have so many amazing people that I surround myself with you support and love me. :heart:


Wow, this was eye opening….wouldn’t have guessed you’d be self conscious like this but we all go through our struggles!! Thanks :pray:t4: for sharing you don’t know who needed to hear this and would mean the world to them!!


I love this post so much! The vulnerability is beautiful. My struggle is moderation. I’m one to over do it. Very much an extremist. I’m learning to listen to my body and take rest days. Take time to calm down and just sit in silence. It’s not just with fitness it is also with food. I will eat till I’m stuffed because in my mind I have to finish my food. Moderation doesn’t come easy for me, working on it every day :pray:t3: