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    Grayson from Norma Jean shared vulnerably with us about how difficult it was to watch his mother fight cancer.

Grayson shares how a part of the struggle was feeling like he shouldn’t be complaining or hurting, because she was the one in pain.

Grayson wrote Landslide Defeater about his mom, and he thinks everyone needs a creative outlet, whether that’s music or yard work, anything can be a part of the process.

Grayson admits that a lot of times the process starts with a conversation, and for him being brave enough to share his struggles was really difficult, but he knew he had to take the first step, and he encourages everyone who is struggling to do the same.

If you’re struggling, we want you to take the first step right here in the comments. All you have to do is share whatever you are struggling with and tag @heartsupportwall and our community will respond with love and encouragement.


Really heartfelt. I was looking forward to meeting him in NOLA recently. Hopefully I can chat with @graysonstewart for the rescheduled date in November

Thanks for sharing. It’s tough watching a loved one battle cancer. :cry:


You’re amazing @graysonstewart thank you :heart: