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From megandr14: I’ve been struggling with loneliness a lot lately. It seems like the friends I had decide that I’m not exciting enough for them or they just don’t like me anymore. It’s hard not to isolate when I feel like I’m not good enough for anyone and that no one truly likes me. It’s hard to not let my thoughts overwhelm me and lead me to darker places to where everything feels bad and dark. Sometimes it’s hard to not just give up trying.


@megandr14 I’m so sorry that you’re feeling lonely and that it seems that your friends aren’t interested in you. I had a group of friends when I was younger and we hung out a lot. I suffered from depression and I would isolate myself in my room and watch TV (this was the 80s). For some reason, I thought I had to wait for them to contact me and when they didn’t, I thought they didn’t want me around anymore. Turns out they thought I wanted to be alone because I didn’t reach out to them and hardly left my room. I learned that if I want things to happen, it’s me that has to make it happen. When I showed interest in them, they started including me in plans and were happy to have me around. I’m not sure if that’s what is happening to you, but I hope my story helps. Take care!


From: ManekiNeko

I’m sorry that you’re feeling lonely and have been struggling with isolation. Sometimes reaching out and letting your friends know that you’re feeling a bit down and want to hang out or just to chat to get your mind off things can help a bit. You don’t necessarily have to share everything you’re not comfortable with, but it’s okay to reach out and ask for a bit of extra cheering up. You are enough as you are.


From: Aardvark

Hi Megan, thank you for reaching out to us with our worries. It is overwhelming and too much most of the time, i often feel lonely myself. Keep in mind, that you have friends and family who are always there for you, because they want you in there lives as well. they spend the time with you because they want it. it is worth trying, because you are worth it, you deserve happyness and joy in your life. you matter my friend. have a nice day and feel hugged, Greetings

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From: The Blind Ash

Firstly I very much want to say thank you for being open about this. So many times people will close off these feelings and not share them so be proud you had the courage and the ability to acknowledge and share these feelings. I too have personally been effected by the issues of feeling alone due to lack of friends etc… something I recently realized was the fact that ya I may only have 3 or 4 close close friendships but those friendships are closer in all ways possible. Rather than spreading myself super thin across tons of friends I personally like being able to truly know the people I call a friend. Another thing that I recently was suggested was this idea of allowing yourself the time to find people that share your interests. I say this because sometimes we have to put in a few steps in order to make those friends. My own therapist suggested perhaps go do things that you enjoy like ASL (American sign language) nights at a specific spot. Doing stuff for you makes a major difference as well because you end up giving the chance for others to start that and you can also start those conversations find new people. Don’t give up on making friends but also don’t be upset with yourself when you struggle to find them. It’s not easy. Baby steps are the best way to do anything. We are here for you. Ash

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