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Oof. Yes. Especially those first few days at home. The silence is impossibly loud. Glad to hear someone else speak to this!! :black_heart:


From: Microsmos

Silence can be indeed incredibly loud – this is the most beautiful description of how heavy it can be. For so long being alone at home, in silence, was synonym to me of pain, tears or simply something that I would constantly fear. I would need constant background noise to not feel like I’d be forced to face myself in some way, to face all the things that hurt me but that I devote lots of energy to avoid. It is really a learning process but to appreciate our own company, and walk through our own pain in a way that feels safe to us personally. I may not know you but I truly believe in you and in your ability to overcome this heaviness, to learn to be your own ally progressively. May you find some peace within during these days at home – to enjoy your own company, to do things you like, to treat yourself well – just as you deserve. Sending lots of love your way.

From: Aardvark

Silence makes the loudest sound. sometimes it forces you to think about everything, what is extremly hard. there will always be someone, a friend, a family member or a community. be sure, you are not alone. you will overcome this and will go out stronger. have a wonderul day and feel hugged, Greetings

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From: Schlemnoween

I am sorry you feel so lonely. I can relate. Especially in my youth I often felt like there was an empty pit in me and I had nobody in my life. But it gets better! Remember, you are not alone, the next person is usually just a phone call away. Also this community is so heartwarming and wholesome, we will welcome you with open arms. I think it is also important to remember that there is a difference between “alone” and “lonely”. You can be alone by yourself and not feel lonely, and you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. I know how hard it is to meet new people in your life, but it is possible! I know you can do it. Welcome to Heartsupport. <:LegoLove:387371584857571328>

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