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From giannagao777: Don’t underestimate your skills; we all have the greatest ones because we dare to live. For us, life is a test. But we also need to develop a taste for suffering. Consider how your music has helped others, and then do what you love. We must learn to accept the ups and downs that are a part of life. Even if we have no control over what our loved ones or others will think of us, as long as we try to communicate our ideas today, there will be those who can relate to us. It’s comparable to having empathy for listeners of your music. Don’t give up your interest; it’s hard to give up life, and there are still plenty of lovely things in store for you. Come on, let’s all cheer!


Hey @giannagao777, thank you so much for sharing this uplifting message – both to an incredibly inspiring artist, and also to the Heartsupport community. Acceptance of what is, and of what we can’t control can be so challenging and a cause of lots of suffering in itself. It’s good to remind us sometimes of what we CAN do, of what we actually accomplish and the impact we have around us, especially when it feels like life brings many obstacles at once. In so many ways music has this power to unite us, bring us together and even keep us afloat during our darkest times. I’m so glad there are artists out there willing to bring inspiration in the heart of so many, and so grateful for people like you who take time out of their day to share encouraging words!