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From giannagao777: I used to hate being alone just like you. I feel like the world has abandoned me. And now, I’ve learned to enjoy being alone. Sometimes we don’t have to please others, we need to be true to the people who like us. What we need is to be ourselves. Few people in this world can accompany you to the end. So only if you have a strong heart can you overcome everything. Don’t be sad because you are lonely. Nothing is absolute. Maybe our people are still on their way, and we need to keep moving to meet them. So now enjoy your time alone, put away all your fears and face the new day. When you look up at the sky, close your eyes and feel the city. For we are still with you.


Once again thank you for sharing these words of hope and encouragement @giannagao777. I love your outlook and the way you describe how much we need to give ourselves grace and patience while we are trying to figure out our own purpose in life. Alone time can be incredibly scary, but also very fulfilling and nurturing if approached with the right mindset. Solitude doesn’t need to equal loneliness – for one is a deep experience of contempt and wholeness, the other is a feeling of emptiness. May everyone here get there at their own pace. You deserve to be at peace with yourself. Cherish your heart for it is a beautiful and precious place. <3

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I’m sorry that you feel like the world has abandoned you but I am glad that you have learned how to deal with that and learned to enjoy being alone. That’s a hard thing to do, so I think that’s great. Thank you for sharing! ~Mystrose

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hi friend, thank you for sharing these words of hope and motivation. to always be yourself is sometimes hard
but you should always be true to yourself. being alone is ok, being and feeling lonely can be extremely hard.
stick to the things you love and the people you love, life is beautiful. we are here for you, anytime.

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