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From mqueenofthemaggots: The same. Severe depression and anxiety :cry:. It’s hard for me to get by daily due to health issues but I keep pushing on. I have a dog :dog2: I resued and had her licensed as my emotional support dog. She has saved my life more than once. I’m not embarrassed to say I have issues. @jesse_d_leach


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, welcome to Heartsupport, I am so glad that you have posted because not only am I grateful that you feel safe and ok to say that you have issues but this leaves the door open for others to do the same so thank you so much for that. I am so sorry that you have had to contend with Severe depression and anxiety, it surely is not a way to have to live your life. I can certainly relate. Have you managed to get any help at all with this since it started? have you been able to see a councellor or doctor or even really been able to open up to a loved one? I think its wonderful that you have your support dog, there really is nothing better (in my opinion) that the unconditional love of an animal to help you when you feel lost. We are always here for you if you need to open up and I hope that you also have someone at home that you can share with. Take care for now. Lisalovesfeathers x

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From: Microsmos

Hey friend. Thank you so much for sharing about these personal experiences. I’m so very grateful for your emotional support dog! What a joy it must be to have an ally like her in your life! Struggling with depression and anxiety too, I can’t wait to have the possibility to have a cat at home that I could cuddle a little bit everyday. May this little pal keep being your ally for a long time. It sounds that you have grown in so many ways over time! Depression and anxiety can be a real nightmare to walk through. Keep embracing the beauty and sparks of joy, of LOVE that are available for you. Having issues will NEVER make you less worthy than annyone else. You are beautiful and enough just as you are. <3

From: ManekiNeko

I’m so sorry that you’ve been going through this. I also have some cats that have brought so much joy to my life. I reduced one cat just after my grandpa died and she brought me so much hope and love. They know how to comfort us in ways that just feel pure. I’m proud of you for using your voice to show others that it’s okay to not be okay and hopefully others see your post and find comfort in rescuing an animal too! They may not have known it’s the friend they needed.

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@heartsupport I have a Dr, but no therapist. But I really have a best friend who will listen anytime I need to talk. Thanks for the post so helpful. People need to know and help! :heart::heart::raised_hands:

@heartsupport thank you :blush: :heart::raised_hands:

@natetriesagain beautifully written :heart: :clap: :clap::fire:

@mqueenofthemaggots It’s comforting to come to a place of acceptance. That you have surrendered to the fact that this is your life - I deal with these things. This is the weight I carry, the burden I bear. It helps your soul not have to split itself between hating what you are going through and trying to improve it. It has come to a kind of peace, and that is helpful.

AND. At the same time, the things you face are a beatdown. It is hard to feel like you wake up every day, knowing that the waves are going to come and knock you down, and you’re going to have to fight to swim back to shore once you get ripped out. To feel like some days, you wake up, and you haven’t even been conscious yet but you’re already struggling to stay above water. Some days are easier to face than others, and there are days where it feels like some kind of miraculous grace you made it through. Days like that remind you of why you’re so thankful for the support you have - in your dog and those who are there for you.

Thank you for sharing. You live a courageous life.

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@mqueenofthemaggots So glad you have support around you! <3 <3

@heartsupportswat thank you :blush: me too! :dog: :heart::heart::raised_hands:

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Hey @mqueenofthemaggots, well done for reaching to people around you. Therapy can be helpful but is not always a requirement. It really depends on your own needs at the moment in your life. In any case, you are doing something healthy and really healing by talking to your doctor and your best friend. So grateful for your friend – please give them a big hug for all of us! We need more allies like them in this world. Thank you for sharing today and showing that it is okay to reach out

@micro.mtn thank you :blush:. I just wish everyone would realize that not every illness or disability is visible. :cry:

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The world would be so much better if everyone was more aware or what isn’t visible, right? Sounds like you really have a giant heart and a caring outlook on others.
I wish more people were considerate regarding your own struggles too. When facing my own struggles, through ALL the frustration and sense of injustice it creates, especially when it’s reflected by others, I like to find comfort in the fact that these experiences make me someone who is more aware and considerate of these invisible battles that so many people kead. Your outlook is beautiful and it makes me feel proud to live in a world where people like you ARE, as it gives a bit of hope in the middle of a lot of darkness. You are a strong person and nothing will ever take that away from you. That strength is real, present, vibrant. Your light is felt, truly. Keep going friend.

From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋSo glad that you have someone who you can talk to, it makes a huge difference. Sometimes, that’s all we need is to be heard and cared for. Therapy is a place to learn how to deal with your problems and for some people it’s necessary. I’m glad that talking to your friend helps you! You matter ~Mystrose

From Aardvark: hello, glad to hear that you have someone to talk to. if people know your worries, they help you.
sharing is the first step, if it gets harder a therapy is always a very good option. you matter and take care
of yourself.

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