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From dalyssa0721: the feeling I know all too well I usually play music watch some movies just to keep my mind going. I hope you can find the comfort not to feel #lonely. It can be hard especially not having no one to talk too be strong buddy we are here for support. @matmadiro


Music can be such a soothing (or energic) asset when being on our own feels unbearable. I remember times of my life when I couldn’t stand silence and needed constant background noise, otherwise I would be overwhelmed by a sudden, intense anxiety. As you’ve said so very well, it can be hard to not only feel alone, but on top of it not having anyone to talk about it. It feels like being punished twice for something that is, for the most part, not in our control. I’m grateful for you and for the fact that you’ve shared these words today. Through our struggles there is the possibility to create beauty and healing, especially when we connect to one another. If you ever need to talk, please know that you will always be welcome in the Heartsupport community. This place has become the family I never had, and I can assure that it is a safe place to be yourself, share life and what’s on your heart too. <3