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My daughter suffers from anxiety really bad she can be introvert as well makes her not communicate w others, she shuts down not wanting to go to school no motivation to do school work, she would have manic episodes what help her was therapy but she is going through the motions, one day at a time, be strong, have strength, music is the best therapy you can have to express your emotions through Art.


@dalyssa0721 It’s really hard to watch the people that you love going through situations you feel powerless to affect. All pain, all worry - especially to feel like you WANT to steer, to advise, but you can’t actually /choose/ a different path for them. It is a hard weight to carry. Lots of “what ifs” can go through our minds - what if I had said something different earlier on, steered them a different way…it’s hard to live in a place of supportive surrender - that you are there to help as is effective but in a place of knowing it is their life and you can’t shoulder stress that isn’t yours to carry. Appreciate your courage not only to share but to be in the courageous middle supporting her through these tough times.

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@dalyssa0721 it sucks that our world revolves in the constant cycle of unnecessary stress and that your daughter had to be on the front line of this, all I can think is to is show you care and let her find herself, as I did that to my sister who hates going outside and gets beyond anxious outside.

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Hey friend. One day at a time is a good and healthy way to approach this situation. I’ve been living with anxiety ever since I was little and it took me lots of love and patience from others to learn to see that there is a life through – and beyond – anxiety itself. Small steps here and there are the most significant and will help her build more confidence, more safety. You are a good parent and I’m grateful that you speak up for her today. When we struggle with anxiety, we need allies that can be our voice sometimes in order to navigate in this wild world. Thank you for caring the way you do, for paving the way to your daughter. I hope you manage to take care of yourself too through all of this, to make sure that you have room for you as well. <3

@mikachu.tab yes surely a lot of reassurance not for her to feel bad.

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