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I’ve been hearing this thing for years and years now. “it’s okay to not be okay.” Yet outside of these kind of posts on social medias, outside of some comments you’d see online, there’s absolutely nothing out there. Nothing can help me, and nothing will. I pour my soul into music so I can forget how shitty my life is, how I’m such a terrible human being that’s not worth living. Talking is not enough. At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter. So it’s just about masking until you die, little joy here and there so that you don’t end your life early. 10 years later, I can’t see the end of the tunnel, and I’m starting to believe there is none. And I should just stop talking right now. Thank you for this open heart, and I hope that anyone reading this is not going through the same thing I do.


@sasugane my heart really breaks for you. You do deserve so much more than to feel like you have no worth and that life has nothing good for you. You have incredible value and incredible worth beyond what we could even express. I do hope that you find that but of joy that is just yours to hold. Your art/music is something that will hold your legacy. We are here for you

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@sasugane I’m so sorry you feel this immense of despair. It must make you feel so heavy. I’m sorry you can seem to find happiness that last. I hope each bit of happiness you find in your day lasts a little and little bit longer than yesterday. You deserve to be happy to live and happy about tomorrow. Till then coping through writing music Is a beautiful art form.

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As a musician, producing and writing is my outlet too when it comes to my mental health. And you’re absolutely right, talking is not enough. Sometimes things need to be actionable. But you actually took a HUGE actionable first step in just responding and sharing your story. Mental health care is not a sprint, it’s definitely a marathon. The light is there, but its just the matter of finding your right path. No two paths will be the same. Regardless, we are here for you no matter what your path is, and your light will come.


I was there for 7 years straight. I self medicated and didnt think there was a way out either. There isnt a perfect response to this. I can give you alot of hope by giving you my short of the long story of my mental health battles. The key to my recovery in getting to the end of my tunnel and out of my ditch was sinking deep into helping others like me and through that gave me more confidence to seek additional help. I believe in you and I support you and know for a fact that you will get through this storm. There is a HUGE community just like you that are still moving forward and ready to support you!


I completely understand what you are getting. I had to have an outlet with therapy due to my past incident. When it comes to the response of how I want to form it, it is hard to find the right way and know whether or not when it comes to help, it will take a while for that help. Talking is honestly not enough because to let many of those things happen, it needs to be with action, too. Mental health will always be a process, no matter what.

There won’t be a time when it won’t stop.

We are here to support you every step of the way, and know that we are here to give you support!


I totally understand how you feel. Are you seeing someone to help you navigate your emotions? I have been in therapy for 3 or so years and just talking wasn’t helpful every time. The way my therapist approached things was not a good fit for me. I was scared to share that his methods were not working and that i needed more help. I did not want to be referred to someone else. I felt absolutely broken, and i still do at times. I felt unfixable. With encouragement from people at heart support action group, I sent a long message to my therapist telling him exactly how i felt and created a list of things i wanted to work on and he picked two big things from that list that was hindering my progress. Now, because i expressed what i needed, he adjusted his methods to something more active and less passive (like venting every session).

He did not give up on me.

I highly recommend speaking to someone about what you need. You deserve to have support.


Hey there!

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way, but I’m glad you reached out to share your thoughts. It’s important to remember that many people genuinely care about your well-being, even beyond social media. You’re not alone in this struggle. Here are some quotes and thoughts that might offer some comfort:

  1. “Your worth is not determined by how you feel in this moment. It’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to seek help when you need it.” – Unknown

  2. “Music can be a powerful way to express your emotions and find solace. It’s a beautiful outlet for healing.”

  3. “Remember, talking might not solve everything immediately, but it’s a crucial step in finding the support you need. Reach out to a friend, family member, or a professional who can listen and help.”

  4. “Life can be incredibly challenging, but it’s also full of unexpected moments of joy and connection. Hold onto those moments and cherish them.”

  5. “It’s never too late to seek help and work towards a better tomorrow. The tunnel may seem endless now, but there’s hope beyond what you can see.”

  6. “Your words matter, and they have the power to touch others who may be going through similar struggles. Sharing your experiences can create a sense of community and understanding.”

Please consider talking to a mental health professional or a trusted person in your life who can provide the support you deserve. You are worth it, and there is hope for a brighter future.