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From mqueenofthemaggots: I have a Dr, but no therapist. But I really have a best friend who will listen anytime I need to talk. Thanks for the post so helpful. People need to know and help! :heart::heart::raised_hands:


Hey @mqueenofthemaggots, well done for reaching to people around you. Therapy can be helpful but is not always a requirement. It really depends on your own needs at the moment in your life. In any case, you are doing something healthy and really healing by talking to your doctor and your best friend. So grateful for your friend – please give them a big hug for all of us! We need more allies like them in this world. Thank you for sharing today and showing that it is okay to reach out. <3


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Its awesome that you have a great friend that will listen anytime you need them, there is nothing better than that. If you do want a therapist, ask your doctor for a referral and im sure they can sort something for you. Hold on to that friend. Much Love Lisa. x


hello, glad to hear that you have someone to talk to. if people know your worries, they help you.
sharing is the first step, if it gets harder a therapy is always a very good option. you matter and take care
of yourself.


From: α’αŽ§α•αŽ₯Ꮛ

So glad that you have someone who you can talk to, it makes a huge difference. Sometimes, that’s all we need is to be heard and cared for. Therapy is a place to learn how to deal with your problems and for some people it’s necessary. I’m glad that talking to your friend helps you! You matter ~Mystrose