HeartSupport_Fans Fans #189

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I really needed this, thank you. :black_heart:

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Hey friend, may this post and inspiration be a positive reminder for you whenever you need it. You are not alone, even during times when it feels like life is crushing you. There are people out there who understand and are so willing to support you through it all. I hope that you feel peace and comfort today, especially if you need it. We are more than our struggles, and together we are stronger. <3

some days feel like hanging onto a cliff just hoping not to fall. You’ve faced so much and carry so much and it just feels like surviving is the name of the game, like all you have in you. And when reminders like this come along, it is like someone shows up and offers you a hand, gets you off the edge and lifts you to your feet. Not that life magically gets better, but that you are no longer facing everything alone. Their strength is added to yours. And even if it is just for a moment, there is HOPE. And that is a rare gift.

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