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I needed this one today so thank you.

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@war_on_the_dance_floor Some days just feel like a barrage of bad - even if not everything is “horrible”, just the lack of good, the nagging numbness, the undercurrent of unworthiness…it is hard to feel like life is this constant uphill battle. One day, yeah, I can do that. One week, yeah, I can muster that. But when it feels like /every day/ is hard, /every day/ saps you, the hardness COMPOUNDS. It’s not just the same level of difficulty, because you have less to give each day. It is an erosion of your strength. And then there are moments like this that change the script - that turn like an unexpected downhill, a reprieve from the difficulty. And it reminds you, not everything has to be so damn hard. You are not always alone. Things will not always be awful. Hope is a powerful counter-current force when life feels against you.


Hey friend, just a simple reminder that you are loved. There are days that feel impossible to go through, when every hour feels heavier than the one that preceded it. I hate this feeling of not knowing in which state I’m going to be by the end of the day, just because even waking up feels too much. Something good to remind ourselves during these seemingly endless times of struggle is to express how we feel and add “for now”. 'I"m not doing well, for now". Even if we may not know how or when it’s going to change, we can remind ourselves that life is made of impermanence, including during our most difficult times. I hope the days that followed your comment were better for you. Take it easy. Be kind to your heart. You are loved dearly. <3

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