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@seanisalion I just want to say, your experiences and thoughts that you have put into lyrics have been so impactful in my life. I remember 4 years ago today actually, I spent my first night (out of 10) in jail, and as I was laying there in my bunk in silent tears, the lyrics “I won’t flinch when the earth gives way, so I cry out the last word is yours to speak” flooded through my mind on repeat. Reminding me that not all hope was lost and that God was, is, and will always be in control. And to not worry about what’s ahead but just trust that God has me in his hands. “Prison cells won’t contain your light”

You have encouraged me immensely, and thank you for that. And now we will be praying for you! Love you brother, and God bless!

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Wow, it is so beautiful and inspiring to read your post. I can only imagine how it must have been for you in jail and this brutal situation of facing your own ability to keep on holding to hope. From destruction of what was to the creation of something new and beautiful, you have definitely thrived during some extremely challenging times for your mind, for your heart. I’m so grateful that music has been helping you during this significant time of your life. There is beauty in you that nothing can ever take away. There is beauty in your vulnerability and in your own, spiritual rebirth. Thank you for sharing today, and may you keep going forward in ways that are fulfilling to you. <3

@micro.mtn Thank you so much!

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