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2/16/21 I was involved in a near fatal car accident. I spent months in the hospital and also suffer with PTSD and anxiety. I am not sure it is ever going to completely go away, but I hope you can find ways to manage it. I have a good therapist at the moment and we are doing #emdrtherapy So far it is working for me. I find myself constantly worrying about those I love when they are away from home, and I still have issues riding in a car. You are loved and never a burden. <3


It sounds like you’ve been thru a LOT. I’m so happy that you’re still here and I hope that your therapy continues to help you thru the PTSD and anxiety. It really makes a difference when you have a therapist you like and I’m glad that you have that. You are loved and you matter!

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Hey friend. How you feel, the fears that you have, make completely sense given what you have been through. You have known a traumatic event where a threat to your life was present. I’m really proud of you for seeking help the way you do, especially as traumas can make us want to turn inwards and isolate ourselves. It takes a lot of strength to reach out as you do, and the choice of therapy is also a really good one. I’m so grateful for the fact that it is helping you so far. This is a journey that will be filled with ups and downs but there will be a life for you beyond this traumatic experience. Make sure to celebrate the victories along the way and to not lose sight of the fact that times of doubt and stagnation are also part of the process. Thank you for inspiring me today in my own healing journey.