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I swear this must be a sign. I’ve been going through so much it’s not even funny. My job requires me to have such a big shield and an even bigger one since I just had my son. Being in the military and being alone to do everything for my son has been so hard. I’ve spent countless nights crying and trying to hold it all together, but as my depression gets worse it’s even harder to hold it together. When he finally lays down to sleep I have to play music just so I can calm down because the pain is becoming so unbearable. I feel like I’ve lost myself.


I can’t even imagine what you’re going through but I’m so proud of you. And I bet your kid is too. I’m so sorry things are so hard and overwhelming right now. I hope you’re able to do one small thing that’s kind to yourself. Maybe burn a candle or an episode of your favorite show?
Believing for better days for you and your kid. It is not always going to be like this. Sending you strength to endure. You are incredible. :heart: Hold Fast

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It’s like you’ve got lead weights shackled to your ankles. Every day it gets harder to keep in motion. You get to the end of your days, and you all but collapse…and in those moments, you try to steal a glimpse of reprieve, because if you look up, you see another day ahead of you that is going to be just as heavy as today was, but you’re going to be that much more exhausted than you were yesterday.

Compound all of this with the fact that you feel like you have to “put on” for your son. You have that extra weight of pretending that you’re okay. It’s hard to feel all of the weight you feel AND have to express as if you aren’t.

Work is a pile of responsibility and weight, and when you get off, drained, you’ve got to carry your family. It feels like an exhausting treadmill of holding the world up, with no end in sight.

How do you keep going? How does life eventually get less heavy? How do you let go of some of the pressure? How do you get back to a state of normalcy, of life not being in this verge-of-panic all the time?


Hi Friend,
thank you for speaking out here. that sounds like a lot what you have on your shoulders.
do you have resources within the military who can support you ? or to reach out to ?
besides that maybe outside of your work, considering a therapy or self help group could be something
for you. speaking out and sharing experiences can help a lot, speaking helps a lot and unloads a bit
of the weight. i hope that you will find some comfort, you deserve that, you are worth of it.
be proud of yourself what you have achieved so far, we are. have a nice day and feel hugged,


From: ManekiNeko

I’m so sorry you’re battling through this right now. I know some others have some amazing resources for you to look at and I hope that you can take the opportunity to reach out for that help for yourself. You don’t deserve to be battling this alone. You matter, and I hope this community can also help to make you feel supported. If you follow the link in the bio to the forum, we have an anonymous site where you can share whatever is on your heart. We would love to be able to continue to support you


Hey friend. Thank you so much for reaching out. We need those signs sometimes, right? I’m glad you’ve considered this post as much and decided to reach out about your current struggles. I’m not yet a mom myself and not working in the military either, so I would never pretend to truly understand/relate to your experiences, but my heart really goes out to you right now. The shadow of depression has been crippling as well in my life and makes it feel unbearable to manage daily life commitments and responsibilities. I think you are a very brave and courageous person that is pressured right now – even just implicitely – to handle a lot of things at the same time. I see you. I hear you, and it makes completely sense to struggle right now. There is more to all of this, there is peace to find again, even though it may feel impossible right now to see any light forward, to find any strength to take the next step. Please know that we are in this with you and you can 100% rely on our community at Heartsupport to encourage you, eventually help to find some resources too. In case you need to connect with other members who were in the military and may have faces similar struggles or know specific resources available for your profession, I’d encourage you to connect by email with our Staff member Mac ([email protected]). Our Veterans branch just like our online community are full of people willing to help each other and overcome the struggles that MH puts on our way. You are not alone. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hello Friend, I am so sorry that you are stuggling right now, this sounds like such a tough time for you, I cannot imagine the stress and exhaustion that you are trying to manage right now, coping with all the feelings of having a child not to mention being in the military its a lot. I am so pleased you wrote on IG, I would love you to come over to the HeartSupport wall and perhaps post more about how you are doing, share your thoughts etc, you will get lots of support and I think it could really help you to vent it all out and get the feedback. We also have a person here at hearsupport connect with HS Staff member “Mac” who is managing the Veterans branch ([email protected]) – they may have resources to share that could be of help to you, please feel free to contact him. We are here to support and help people like yourself you are a wonderful person going through a tough time at what should be an amazing time, please reach out. much love Lisa. x



I’m a parent and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to a single parent in the military. I’m so sorry that you’re struggling with depression as well, it just makes things 10x worse. Are you able to talk to a counselor? Or are there any military programs that can you can take advantage of? I really hope you find some help. Listening to music is a good way to calm down. Take care ~Mystrose


Hello there,

I am so heckin’ proud of you for posting on the Wall. It takes a lot of bravery to take that first step. Would it help you to talk to a professional about all of this that has been weighing on your shoulders? There is an amazing platform called BetterHelp. You can get a week free through HeartSupport & a month free because you are in the military. You are always welcome to post here on the Wall.

Thank you for being a part of this world. You are amazing & I know that your little one would agree with me. You got this! Take it one day at a time. All of your feelings are valid & understandable. Keep on, keeping on!

You are important. You are enough. You are valid. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:

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From: Dr :ghost:OoOoOoo​:ghost:garth


Reading someone else’s words when you can feel the desperation in them is hard. Having depression is immobilising and you have to push against that so hard to keep yourself from sinking into it. Managing to keep working while having your son with that immobility, it’s remarkable and a true testiment to your strength. But, you shouldn’t have to live this way; no one deserves to be despairing day after day like this. I understand being in the military may make this hard, but do you have access to a doctor at least where you are? They may be able to set out a plan for you, whether that be therapy or medication, or just help you access resources available to you. Do you have support with caring for your son? It sounds like you could do with at least some time in your week to focus on your mental health.

I truly hope this can be the start of change, because you deserve so much more than this. Reach out to those around you and demand the support you are entitled to and that you need. Stay strong my friend. x


@heartsupportswat thank you so much I truly appreciate it and will definitely be in touch it’s been really hard thank you so much from the bottom of my heart🖤