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Belongs to: Maty Madiro from From Ashes to New - Interview on Loneliness 10/10/22
Feeling alone even when you’re surrounded by people

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Yeah - this one is hard because it feels like you “shouldn’t feel alone”. The antidote to loneliness is being around people, right? But there is a deeper cut than the external loneliness - it’s the feeling of being unknowable, of the core you being truly invisible. People can “seem” to know you, to engage with you, but if they don’t know you intimately and authentically, then it is possible to be around people all the time and feel desperately alone. It’s especially hard when you have moments in your life that have reinforced that message, that even when people try to know you, they just don’t get you. You can feel foreign or alien, even though you’re human. It can be suffocatingly hopeless.


I have chronic emptiness and feeling alone like you’ve described is something I experience a lot. I describe it as if you’re standing in a glass jar in a room full of people who love you but you can’t connect with them. Once in awhile someone bumps into you, but that doesn’t last long. I’ve read that strengthening your identity and having a sense of purpose really helps to alleviate those feelings. I just started talk therapy, so this will be something I work on. Thank you for sharing! Take care!

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