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From katekate_cca: @heartsupport I constantly have an issue with never thinking it’s never enough. Mentally I think I’m not good enough at my job. I feel like I don’t belong or I’m not smart enough to be there. I struggle in my relationship with my husband to think that I am mot good enough for him and his love. Lucky I have so many amazing people that I surround myself with you support and love me. :heart:



Hello Friend, have you ever heard of imposter syndrome? It’s means doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. I want you to remember that you probably worked hard to get the job you have and you were hired. Employers don’t hire people if they aren’t qualified or trainable. If you weren’t smart enough, they would have let you go. I bet you’re great at your job! Your husband chose you to spend the rest of his life with, because you ARE enough and you are worthy of each other’s love. I’m happy to hear that you have amazing supportive people in your life that love you! That’s awesome. ~Mystrose


From: Aardvark

Hello katekate, thank you for reaching out with your struggles. At work, remind yourself of what you achieved. After you do a task maybe, or a little thing, take a moment and be proud yourself, see what you have done. This can help a bit. With your husband, he choosed you and he wants to be with you. He loves you. Also the people arround you, that care about you. They love you and care about you. You deserve all of this and you are worth it. Have a lovely day and feel huggged, Greetings


From: Solemnis

Hi kate, I am sorry you are struggling with such feelings. But if you think about it: If you were not a lovable person you wouldn’t have so many people around you who support and love you, as you said yourself. :slight_smile: Another question you could ask yourself is: who or what do you want to be good enough for? You doing your job is not you doing others any favours, you get paid for it, and somebody hired you. So they certainly think you are good. Your husband wanted to marry you and wants to be with you, so he also appreciates and loves you. I hope you can appreciate yourself more as well. You deserve it. :heart: