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This post really spoke to me brother. I’ve always looked up to you as a fellow musician and almost felt like cousins when we were growing up. You knew me when I was named after my birth father (Maurice). He and I haven’t seen eachother in almost 20 years. As a new beginning for myself, I changed my name to Kaleb aka Caleb in the Bible because my brothers name is Joshua(the name my mom almost gave me). Changing my name only helped me feel slightly better though. The scars from my so called parents remain. Thank you for sharing your story. I would have never known.


Really hard to feel like that pain haunts you wherever you go - that there is no escaping it. Even in trying to change your name, there is a shadow of what was, and the pain of what was almost. It feels like a gnawing echo that rings in the background of your life. Hard to shake. Some scars feel like they’ll never fade. And it feels embittering…hard to forget, hard to forgive. But knowing that you aren’t the only one that carries this kind of pain helps things feel not as shameful, like you aren’t as alone as you once believed you were - relieving.

From: twixremix

so happy to hear you’re feeling better with the name change - i love the spelling of kaleb! i’m glad you could start your story fresh after a turbulent past. that’s so incredibly powerful to rip that part from your past away and rebuild it to be something greater, empowering, and positive. proud of you for taking that huge step! love, twix

From: twixremix

Remember your namesake who kept faith even with difficulties. Keep the heart.

From: eloquentpetrichor

Stay strong, Kaleb! I hope that your new name continues improving your outlook on life. You matter :hrtlegolove:

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Hi Kaleb, thank you for sharing with us. I’m proud of you for your perseverance and am glad that you are working to move forward from the challenges that you’ve faced in the past. I hope that you continue in the healing direction and am wishing you all the best. <3 Tuna

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