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@heartsupport I listen to this band to help my mental health, I listen to their music to reflect on life and this music has helped overcome some bad mental demons.


It’s really awesome how music can help us thru hard times, especially dealing with bad mental demons. I’m really happy that this helps you and I hope that those demons stay away and that you are at peace. You matter!

Hey friend. So glad you have found comfort and encouragement thanks to their music. It is truly incredibly how much some specific bands or music somehow just walk alongside us as we go through specific chapters of our life. Personally, I definitely have a list of bands that, whenever I listen to them, bring me this strong sense of comfort, of being understood in my struggles, without necessarily having to talk to someone about it. Just the possibility of having our emotions and thoughts mirrored can feel so very healing and encouraging. If I may ask, is there one music in particular that you’d recommend? Any that resonates particularly with your heart? Would love to get to know you better through listening to a music you personally feel connected with! :slightly_smiling_face: – Thank you for sharing and commenting. I hope that your demons are now behind you, or at least befriended so they don’t control your life in any way. You are loved. You matter so very much.