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@heartsupport having a really hard time with grief and loss and potential loss…

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Did you know that when you cry for your dead, you cry for you and not them?
You cry because you “lost them”, because you don’t HAVE THEM by your side. You think it all ends in death. And you think they are NOT anymore.
So if your dead no more, where are they?

Yes they have left, or they are now somewhere else, is that place better than this?.
Yes, definitely that place is better than this; so Why do you suffer for their departure?.
When you have finished accepting that they are no longer “NOT here”, but they are still in another place even better than this, for they’re where they are no longer sick, or suffering.
Then you’ll stop mourning them and you’ll get them back in memory so they keep accompanying you with the joy of all that you’ve lived.
If you truly loved them LOVE them AGAIN and this time with greater strength, with greater purity, with greater delivery.

Today, there will be no more reproach of any kind.
Only LOVE, will be the essence between you, between us, between them.
I respect your pain, and the way you express it. I know you cry and you will cry without comfort.

But … Today I say to you:
Don’t die with your dead.

Remember we are only seeing one side of the coin (death).
We are not looking the other way; we are not seeing the wonderful place of light where they stand.
What if we start seeing “death” as a Second Birth?
Second Birth we ALL will go through.

Don’t die with your dead, honor them by living your life as they would have wanted you to, let them transcend.
And you keep living.

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Hey friend, thank you for sharing about this. It’s hard enough to deal with losses in life, and sometimes putting words on such situation makes it feel even more real to us, even more raw. I’m just a stranger on the Internet of course, but I’m proud of you for opening up about it and not staying alone with it.

Grief is a terrible experience, and probably the one I personally have the most diffiult time with. It is incredibly hard to navigate the emptiness that grief leaves us with, this void that we knew was full once, and that we desperately crave for being whole again. You know rationally that losses and major changes are part of what life is made of, but emotionally it’s just this raw pain and storm inside. It’s hard to envision how things would feel even just a little better when you’re in the middle of it… as the reality is just always the same. Many times I’ve woken up to this reality of missing the person who left that void, and it was as if I was being aware of it for the very first time, over and over.

My heart goes out to you as you navigate these waves of grief and potential loss. It’s hard to compose with the perspective that something may happen and affect you deeply. We try our best to prepare ourselves when we know something is likely to happen, although we also know that once we are living it it tends to feel differently than how we expected. It’s hard to anticipate pain, not knowing how to keep on living your life – if it should be done as usual, or if it’s okay to give a lot of space to an anticipated grief.

Through all of this, I truly hope that you make sure to be very gentle with yourself, with your heart. Grief is this raw, deep storm that makes us feel completely helpless if not hopeless. It takes many shapes and evolves constantly. But one thing can remain through the changes: the stillness of being kind to yourself, of accepting that things are goign to be chaotic for the time that you will need. in the middle of grief, offering ourselves patience and being non-judgmental can be very healing in itself. It doesn’t take the pain away of course, but it makes the process of feeling it a little less unbearable. Just like you would care for a dear friend who’s hurting, I hope you’ll make sure to be a friend to yourself during these painful seasons. If you find yourself in a dark place or having a very hard time, pleasse reach out as well, as much as you need. To people you trust, here or even directly on Heartsupport’s anonymous forum. You’ll always be welcomed, heard, supported. There are things in life that never deserve to be walked through just on our own.

I’m thinking of you and rooting for you today. You are not alone. Thank you again for sharing. <3